Five Days on Whole30

I started the Whole30 for a number of reasons, to beat my sugar addiction, to weaken the strength of my migraines and to combat PCOS, a hormone imbalance condition that predisposes me to diabetes. Occasionally I google search for how science or medicine has progressed in treating these conditions and kept seeing results for what … More Five Days on Whole30


There are a lot of reasons for why this conference was different than my first. Honestly I thought the only two differences would be that it was my second one, so I’d knew what to expect and that it was in my home town; giving me home field advantage. I was so happy to be … More NOAHCon2016

The Inside Job

Progress on my book has come to a dead stop. I’m not writing a novel with fictional characters, plots, or mysterious twists and turns. This is my life, the events are real and the names have not been changed to protect the innocent or guilty. I’ve come to terms with what the end result will … More The Inside Job

Guarding my Heart

I’m hearing this a lot lately amongst my Christian and kinda-Christian friends. I never really thought deeply about what they were trying to say until I found myself in a situation where the generic, “Guard your heart” quote fit. “Oh, obviously it’s meant to protect you from allowing anyone or anything in too quickly whereby they … More Guarding my Heart